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Recorded Media

These terms and conditions apply to all work in the absence of an Equity collective bargained agreement and are supported by Equity and  Dancers Network. 

permitted use

**Please do not sign anything on set without having your agent or representative read through it first to ensure the necessary steps can be taken if usage is to be negotiated.**

The daily fee covers a rehearsal or live performance only.

Additional usage fees must be negotiated with the dancer/ dancer’s agent for the televised/theatric broadcasting of the performance in the UK/US and or rest of the world and its subsequent distribution or advertisement through new media channels, which will be not less than the Equity agreements where they apply.


If rehearsals are filmed for the purpose of any of the above named uses, additional usage fees must be negotiated.


No additional usage may be made without the dancers or agents permission and for an additional fee as mutually agreed.


The contract will contain details of the initial permitted use. The dancer’s agent reserves the right not to negotiate any extensions of use beyond the initial permitted use.

For all televised projects producer will ensure credits will be given to the dance artist across all platforms.


Usage guidelines

Where no Equity Agreement applies usage fees can be negotiated on top and you should use the following percentages as a guideline:

Usage on UK and USA Television - 80% of the aggregate total fee

Usage of the World Television –22.5% of the aggregate total fee

Usage on Internet , Video on Demand platforms and social media sites –80% of the aggregate total fee

For Home Entertainment, (Video, DVD, Blue Ray, DTO/DTR) –22.5% of the aggregate total fee 

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