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  Professional organisation for dancers

 To create and promote a unified voice for all commercial dancers within the UK for consistent improvement of standards across the industry, positively impacting pay, working hours and working conditions. Working with talent through every stage of their career from renowned elite professionals to novices undertaking their first job, and students. Through our community and communication, dancers are able to make reasonable demands as we work to support and strengthen every member in having their needs heard and represented nationwide. 


We ensure that our network of dancers have a clear understanding of their rights and value, and that their skills and profession are valued by agencies and connected companies. Our vision is to work with broadcasters and international partners negotiating contracts and agreements.


As an expanding UK wide network we build the value of the profession as a whole, holding events, workshops and meetings, strengthening the dancers voice and building the community. We provide the platform for dancers to support fellow colleagues and build a solid foundation for their careers.


We offer easy access to guidance and support encouraging knowledge when negotiating terms and contracts, removing confusion around legal platforms. We are educating dancers on the importance of joining this movement and investing in this platform for the longevity of their dance careers.


Together we work to protect our rights for the betterment of all,


    Founded by Dancers for Dancers 

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