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The following Code of Conduct sets out minimum standards for the conduct of all those involved in the online casting process

in order to ensure each casting is conducted professionally, safely and with respect for the

dignity and wellbeing of potential talent.


1. Consent

A consent form must be presented and signed by talent prior to the casting alongside a signed 

document from the end client of these guidelines.

2. Platform

Only trusted platforms can be used for online castings. Zoom and Google Meet are acceptable. Private platforms will not be accepted.

3. Attendance

Attendees and their roles of casting must be disclosed to talent prior to the online casting. A minimum of two people from the client's side must be present in the online casting.

4. Recording

If a casting is recorded for any reason this must be pre agreed and consent given by talent. The recording should not be used or distributed for any other purpose without the consent of the performer. For the protection of the talent , the talent reserves the right to film the casting.

5. Nudity/ Semi Nudity

A performer should not be requested to undress in whole or in part unless a mutually agreed observer is present. For the protection of the talent , the talent reserves the right to film the casting

6. Cameras

Cameras must be *ON* from the casting side and talent to enter the zoom with cameras OFF. When the director is ready or it is time for the casting to begin talent can then turn the video on.

7. Personal Details 

No personal details such as a talent home address or phone number will be disclosed to the casting director. All required information will be sent if talent books the job.


Please contact us at if you have been dealing with any case of sexual harassment and we will connect you to the best help possible.

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