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DANCER Code Of conduct

This Code of Conduct sets out the standards FOR INDIVIDUAL TALENT SUPPORTING Dancers Network MOVEMENT. THESE ARE minimum requirements YOU ARE EXPECTED TO FOLLOW IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE 

  • The Dancer shall not accept work that is beneath the current Dancers Network booking terms and conditions. The Dancer shall work with their Agent to negotiate the conditions on the Dancer's behalf to reach industry standard.

  • The Dancer will conduct himself/herself in a professional, polite manner at all times whilst on site, representing himself/herself, Dancers Network and their Agents.

  • To ensure that the Booking/Assignment is fulfilled to the Client’s order and satisfaction.

  • The Dancer agrees to adhere to contracted start and finish times for rehearsals and performances. Significant lateness or unplanned absence may incur deductions on fees at the Agent and Clients discretion. In the event of an unavoidable absence or lateness due to transport, delay, illness, or injury, the dancer agrees to alert the agency and or the choreographer immediately.

  • No phones until your given breaks.

  • It is the Dancer's responsibility to ensure that he/she has their own public liability, travel and medical insurance.

  • Alcohol and drug use whilst working under contract for any job or assignment is not permitted. A dancer will not attend work under the influence of drink and drugs.

  • In the event of a dancer cancelling on a confirmed booking, the dancer agrees to be fully accountable for all financial losses and costs in relation to travel and costuming a replacement, with the exception of  'tragic circumstances'.

  • You should not sign a release form or any other documents presented to you on a shoot until a copy has been read and authorised by the Agency, and you are authorised to sign it by the Agency.

  • It is the individual dancers responsibility to inform their other representatives/agents that in the absence of an Equity collective bargained Agreement they are now following Dancers Network guidelines along with the DAA as a collective and will require those other agents to follow the guidelines. If the agents decide not to follow these rules or they don’t agree it’s the dancer's responsibility to say they can no longer be put forward for those jobs via that agent.


If you require basic insurances, help chasing up late payments or more advice on contracts, it is worth looking into becoming an Equity Member. Please click below for a very simple recruitment leaflet 

Equity Member
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