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Agencies Code Of conduct

This Code of Conduct sets out the standards which Dancers Network believe are the minimum requirements for the running of a professional commercial dance agency 

  • Must be a registered company (ie no Sole Traders).

  • Fully conversant and compliant with Agencies Act 1973 & 2003 Regulations.

  • Charging only one sourcecannot charge both dancer and end client.

  • GDPR compliant**.

  • No disqualified Directors.

  • Signed agency agreements with talent and kept up to date.

  • Terms of booking must be issued for every job and agreed to by dancer before contracts are entered.

  • Where requested by the dancer, the agency will commit to abide by the Dance Network’s terms and conditions which will form the standard terms of the employment for the dancer .

  • Written confirmation of booking to be provided to dancer before start of engagement.

  • Absolute financial transparency about all fees, IPA  commission and other charges.

  • Dancer statement of earnings and deductions to be issued monthly.

  • Client account must be used for holding all dancer fees, must be confirmed by bank.

  • Payment to dancer within 10 days of  receipt by agency.

  • Where funds have been received by the agency and are requested by the dancer, payment shall be made within 48 hours.

  • Contracts with end user to set terms of no more than 28 days for payment, and enforced by Agency or Equity.

  • Agency accounts must be audited annually by an auditor or accountant.

  • Acting only as an agent – agency cannot also act as an engager, employment business, or require other services such as photography or training to be procured through the agency.

  • Dignity at work – must have a clear, confidential and professional procedure for dancers to report incidents of bullying or harassment.

      The Agency cannot charge the talent agency fee whilst also charging the client a booking fee.

Companies covered by the GDPR are accountable for their handling of people's personal information. This can include having data protection policies, data protection impact assessments and having relevant documents on how data is processed.

For a guide on employment agencies and details of their legal obligations, please click below for the equity document informing you on payment to agent, multiple agents, split deals etc.

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