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Dancers Network is dedicated to providing personal advice where we can. By completing this form you allow our DN team members to come back with an efficient response to help you with your query.

Before submitting your question please make sure you have requested the following information from whomever approached you for a job and if you have please fill it in where necessary so we can be as much help to you as we can in our response.

If you require help in formulating an email for any of the below please note in the comment section and we can help you with that

Fee Breakdown */Hours Breakdown */Contract for job (optional)/Date of Work */Payment terms*

We will review your request and contact you as soon as we can. Please note that we will only respond to fully completed forms to help our few volunteers and their time. Your form will not be processed if you missed any of the required fields!

Have you checked our T&Cs and FAQs for possible answers to your questions
Has the job in query been completed yet?
Please select out of the following options for what your enquiry is about:
Are you self represented or going through an agency for the job in question ?
How have you been approached for this job?
What is the reason you decided to not use an agency for this job?
If agency represented please select which agency for the job in question
Do you have an agency contract? If so please attach below
Upload Agency Contract
Do you have a booking contract/ agreement for the job in question ….if so please attach below
Upload Document
if not, Please select the information you currently have on the job in question:

AND YOU ARE DONE! A member of our team will get back to you ASAP. In the meantime please log any further communication that may be useful. Thank you for trusting us with your questions and concerns, we promise to guide and assist you as best we can.

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