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DN Relief fund distributes £8000 to dancers in need during the pandemic

In march 2020 the world turned upside down as Covid 19 hit the entertainment industry like a wrecking ball.

Dancers Network made it their mission to dedicate this time to solutions. DN relief fund was created with the aim of collecting funds to distribute to dancers in need. In September 2020 this was accomplished. £8000 pounds where distributed a number of dancers supporting them through this difficult time.

We launched different dynamic dance challenges with the incredible support of some of the industry's finest to raise awareness and spread the word.

Thank you Jay Revell, Ashley Wallen, Shaun Niles, Brian Friedman and Sharon June for sharing your incredible talent to support such an important cause.


The whole dance community came together and helped spread the word about our fundraiser. Incredible dancers joining the challenges and showing off their skills.


There was even support from some celebrities who understand the value of dancers. Such as Kylie Minogue, Anne Marie and Perrie Edwards from Little Mix.


The fundraiser was finalised with an incredible workshop taught by Diana Matos, Cat Rendic and Kevin Maher, who have made the online experience superb.

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated. You have truly been a part of something special.

Also a special thank you to our incredible team who have taken on this huge task and absolutely kicked ass with it. Erin Jardine, Selin Spühler, Melissa Freire, Ayesha Greed, Aleshia Williams, Kieran Daily Ward, Jac Cox, Jeannette Gonzalez, Lili Hodge and Rithiely Pereira. None of this would have been possible without you.

We are striving to be able to help dancers like this in the future again.

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