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 Membership Benefits

When you become a member of Dancers Network you are part of a community and organisation who care deeply about dancers and are passionate about improving the quality of the commercial industry.


  • PDFs on Dancers Network equity approved guidelines

  • Private Dancers Forum 


  • Communication

  • Education

  • Negotiation

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Help on choosing an agency that works for you

Be the voice in

  • Member Meetings

  • Equity and Agency meetings

  • Dancers Network team events (which help shape the commercial dance industry)


  • Dance & Wellness Class

  • All other future Events

Dancers Network Dancers Community Meeting Raising Awareness


Dancers Network is dedicated to providing personal advice where we can. By completing this form you allow our DN team members to come back with an efficient response to help you with your query.


News anchor
Dancers Network & UK Agencies & Equity Union


The top leading agents of the industry and Dancers Network, many of whom are Equity members, have been working with Equity to find a way of making improvements in the commercial dance sector, creating working conditions and health and safety terms for the dancers who clients wish to employ.


Dancer Network Relief Fund

London dancers are some of the most talented dancers in Europe dancing behind music artists, dancing on film and tv shows and performing for large events. Covid 19 has hit our members very hard with all performing work coming to a stand still and no answer to when it will resume. This has negatively affected thousands of dancers who can now no longer afford basic essentials like housing costs, bills or food. The financial security is gone along with the jobs many were about to embark on. This has been devastating for many dancers and DN is trying to do all that it can to help raise funds to keep dancers financially afloat. 

Dancers Network CEO's Lili Hodge Rithiely Pereira

Revolutionary Dancers Website and Working Conditions changes the Game for Dancers in the Music, TV and Film industry.

Over the last year, two elite female professional dancers and aspiring entrepreneurs have been leading a movement that will change and improve the commercial dance industry permanently. 


Li Li Hodge and Rithiely Pereira are the founders of Dancers Network which is a leading organisation that was created to protect dancers rights. 

Dancers Network Dancers Community Meeting Raising Awareness



Please give us your feedback so we can help improve and grow this platform for you!



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