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Working Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all work in the absence of an Equity collective bargained agreement and are supported by Equity and  Dancers Network. 


If the dancer is on tour or temporarily required to relocate, single occupancy accommodation and breakfast of a good standard, three stars and above, must be provided for the dancer.


Working hours continuing after 11:00pm, or commencing before or/at 7:30am, a taxi will be provided to the dancers’ home or temporary address within M25 and surrounding areas of M25. 

If for any reason the dancer does not feel they can arrive home safely from their place of work after the hours of 10:30 pm the dancer must communicate this with their agent immediately.

For a rehearsal / production / performance venue further than 20 miles from Charing Cross Station, suitable transport must be provided there and back  and included in working hours unless agreed otherwise.


Dancers are booked as a ‘local’ to London, M25 surrounding areas, unless otherwise agreed.

For long-haul flights, defined as eight hours or more for the purpose of these terms and conditions, a seat in premium economy will be requested. Where this is not possible, 24 hours paid rest to be scheduled before work is required.

Sleeper bus is classed as accommodation not travel. For avoidance of doubt, in the event that travel by sleeper bus occurs during the day, usual travel provisions will apply.

Per Diems

When temporarily required to relocate more than 20 miles from Charing Cross or on tour, the dancer shall receive per diems or adequate meal allowances.


If the dancers are provided costumes which are to be used for multiple performances over a number of days, the costumes are required to be cleaned after each day.

Free Day

The dancer is entitled to two days free of all calls in every distinct fourteen-day period. If a free day is breached, work on the free day will be paid at double time.


Under no circumstances shall a dancer be required to work more than 13 consecutive days. 

Changing Area

A private single-sex changing area/room will be provided for the dancer’s use where this is not possible a partition will be provided or separate use times scheduled. 

Bathroom Facilities

The dancer will have access to adequate bathroom facilities.


At all times consideration will be given to what the dancer is required to wear and temperatures will be adjusted accordingly. Guidelines suggest that the temperature in rehearsal rooms should not drop below 18 degrees centigrade or rise above 24 degrees centigrade. The rehearsal rooms or shoot/performance location will be kept well ventilated.

Flooring & Equipement

Production shall notify agent or talent immediately regarding any hazardous conditions. Dancing on concrete is always considered hazardous. Please contact agency prior to rehearsal or shoot for a complete hazard list or for any questionable conditions.

Drinking Water

Fresh drinking water shall be made available to the dancer for the duration of the Shoot/Show day.

Provision of Meals

Food sufficient to provide three full meals (catered to the dietary requirements of the dancer) to be provided per shoot / show day, together with other suitable beverages/ light refreshments.

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