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Dancers Protection

These terms and conditions apply to all work in the absence of an Equity collective bargained agreement and are supported by Equity and  Dancers Network. 

Hazardous duties

If there is any significant risk revealed during the process of risk assessment, such risk must be raised with the dancer’s agent/dancer before the booking takes place. These risks may include:

Dancing on surfaces not fit for purpose including: concrete, carpet, raked stages, slippery surfaces including locations subject to inclement weather.

A dancer’s close proximity to special effects such as: fire, dangerous objects and pyrotechnic devices.

**Please note, this list is not exhaustive. It is the client’s responsibility to identify any further significant risks that could pose a risk to the dancer and to mitigate against these.

If a dancer is required to rehearse or perform on concrete, actual dancing hours must be no longer than 4 hours.

If hazard’s are identified, it is the client’s duty to ensure that proper assessments of the dancer’s health are made during the course of, and at the end of, the engagement and that any aftercare including physio is provided free of charge if deemed necessary.

Concrete Hazard

Health & Safety & Insurance

 The client is responsible for all aspects of health and safety in regards to the studio/ rehearsal room or location. All risk assessments must be taken of location, equipment, work conditions and what is required of the dancer.


The client’s employer’s liability insurance must be in place, together with any other necessary insurance. Certification will be available at any time to the dancer on request. The client is obliged to make sure that all other people engaged in connection with the booking and associated when traveling are properly qualified and insured. 

Specialist Skills

The following are deemed as ‘specialist skills’ and warrant an additional fee if required of the dancer:

Tricks, head spins, lifts, knee work, throws.


Aerial acrobatics and flying.

Nudity/ Semi Nudity

In respect of any engagements in which there is nudity/semi nudity the dancer’s agent must be informed in writing of this fact as well as the general nature and extent of such nudity prior to the booking.


The dancer’s explicit written consent must also be obtained in advance of contracts being entered into.

To clarify “nudity”, “semi-nudity” shall mean “to be in a state of undress which if in public could be regarded as indecent”. 

Dignity at work

The client is responsible for maintaining a working environment which is safe and free from harassment of any kind  and maintains the dignity of the Artist at all times.

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