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advised RATES FOR COLLEGES AND STUDENTS taken from the equity walk-on rate card as the roles are equivalent to what the students would be required for WHEN APPROACHED BY BIG COMPANIEs 

Dancers Network believes even students who are training in the dance sector deserve payment for their time and skill. Listed below are rate guidelines for dance students however if at any time the grading changes ie. student learns same choreography as professionals in rehearsals they should be paid as such. Student must inform the college or the agent representing them as soon as possible. 

For the purpose of the below guidelines the brackets (day) (night) are to indicate how it is defined on the rate card so it is clear as to where DN have referenced them from.

For avoidance of doubt holiday pay is calculated at 12.07% on top of the daily fees listed below on any day in attendance. All other terms of DN conditions will apply. 

Deep Background

( the dancer may be in shot but is just required to be present and have fun/party enviroment)

Rate taken from BBC WALK ON RATE CARD under Supporting Artist

Rehearsals (Day).                                                                                     £86.40

Show (Night)                                                                                            £94.60

Free Movement/Direction

(the dancer is required to have knowledge of dance and be able to move freely to the music)

Rate taken from BBC WALK ON RATE CARD under Walk-on Artist

Rehearsals (Day)                                                                                       £106.40

Show (Night)                                                                                              £129.20




(any steps taught to the dancer by a choreographer, assistant or similar that is synchronised to others)

Rate taken from BBC WALK ON RATE CARD under Walk-on Artist

Rehearsals (Day)                                                                                        £106.40

Show rate taken from PACT INDEPENDENT TELEVISION RATE CARD under Walk-on Artist

Show (Night)                                                                                               £136.35





Rate taken from BBC WALK ON RATE CARD

                                                  Uniform per day                                                                                         £24.10  


Alternatively for deep background and free movementProvision of Clothing

The Walk-On/Background Artist shall provide all such modern dress and footwear as the Walk-On/ Background Artist may possess and use in the Walk-On/Background Artist's private capacity and if such clothing becomes soiled or damaged during the engagement (other than solely through the fault of the Walk- On or Background Artist) the Producer shall pay for the cleaning and/or repair of such clothing, or compensate the Walk-On/Background Artist for any damaged clothing which cannot be satisfactorily repaired.

However if you are required to attend a costume fitting then the minimum fee would be £38.04

In the case of charity events or exceptional low budgets, students should still not accept a lower fee than the minimum national wage per hour for their age group

25+ years old: £8.72

21-24 years old: £8.20

18-20 years old:  £6.45 per hour

Under 18:  £4.45 per hour

Apprentice:  £4.15

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